HI, My name is Kim and im living in MN and I just wanted to say that I love your site and your swag! I especially love the DOPE nails of the day, I just wish they had a shop here that does that lol! keep up the great work sweetie! :-)

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Thanks so much Kim :)

Quick Beauty Tip

Any of you ladies suffer from irritation after getting your brows waxed, threaded, plucked or razored? Well I do, and there’s one item I always bring along with me that helps soothe my brows after getting them freshly threaded. What’s the item you ask? 

Aloe vera gel.

It calms down any redness, irritation, and itching with the sensitive skin around my brows. I apply it immediately after getting my brows done, and everyday following at night and in the morning for about a week. You can purchase mini size bottles for easy travel at places like Walgreens and Target.

Happy brow shaping :)

Friday Find: Coco & Breezy’s Exposed X-Ray Vision Backpack

In other where the heck have I been news, todays dope “Friday Find” is from Coco & Breezy

These ladies are talented even outside of designing original and unique sunglasses for all the cool kids. I may be late, but I just stumbled up on their Exposed X-Ray Vision Backpack which gives the illusion of looking through an x-ray device to see the contents inside the backpack (duh lol). 

Coco & Breezy said it better:

"The metallic represents the mirror to see the reflection that beholds one. You see the outside of a person, which has hidden means. 

The mystery that you thought was enclosed behind the shades of C&&B …. are not #Exposed.”

The Exposed X-Ray Vision Backpack retails at $60 and can be found on their website. Check out the pics of the backpack below. 

Bonus: You can receive a complimentary “X-Ray Vision” pouch with the purchase of the exposed backpack. Gotta protect your shades right?!

Would you rock it?

Bobbi Brown to Launch First Pop-Up Shop In Grand Central Terminal

Big things are happening for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. The popular beauty line is opening it’s first ever pop-up shop in one of the busiest areas of New York … Grand Central Terminal.

But don’t get too comfortable. The pop up shop will be ready to provide you with all the cosmetics, fragrances, and makeup brushes you need starting August 20th. But you’ll only be able to take advantage of this shop until January 2013. (Just in time to scrap up last minute stocking stuffers while commuting through the terminal in a hurry.)

In the 800 square foot space, a team of five makeup artists will be available for five-minute touch ups and makeup lessons. According to Elle, the real selling point, will be the appearance of Bobbi Brown’s personal manicurist, Roza Israel. Typically reserved for Brown and senior staff at the office, she’ll perform ten-minute manicures on a first-come basis.

You ladies in New York should definitely stop through!

**I’m loving the “Keep calm, wear lipstick” signage in the back. Too cute!

photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown