Threads of the Day: Effortless Grunge

I always approach style as being effortless. You shouldn’t have to think too hard or try too hard, it should come naturally to you. It starts with knowing yourself and staying true to yourself, no matter what that truth is. One of my favorite quotes is,

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn." -Gore Vidal

There’s no problem with dressing how you feel that specific day and not being attached to a “style”. Style is whatever you want it to be. More ladies should understand that you don’t have to reveal it all to be sexy or noticed. 

Thread List:

Black Mob tee- thrifted
Leather teardrop skirt: Nastygal
Silk shirt: Karen B (from Macy’s)
Boots: Steve Madden (worn in just how I like them)
Shades: Dior
Bag: Boutique in Austin 
Accessories: Mostly from Forever21 

You should be comfortable shopping wherever. If your thing is designer threads, then go for it. It it’s from Forever21, go for it. It’s all about how you piece your outfit together … which should be effortlessly.

The key is to mix and match high and low end gear. Feel comfortable in what you are wearing that day, and OWN IT! Because if you’re uncomfortable or fidgety in your outfit, it’s noticeable. 

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Top This! OPI 2013 Holiday Gift Sets

Can you believe holiday collections are already surfacing? Can we slow down for just a second? I just tucked my bikini away!

OPI is already on it with their holiday gift sets. Matte nails are a huge trend for fall, so the new "Top This!" gift set will be perfect for your talons. The set features the signature ProWide Brush with the Top Coat, Matte Top Coat, and Snowflakes in the Air

For the second holiday gift set, OPI intrudes the "Take Ten" collection consisting of a spectrum of ten hues, ranging from soft hues to creamy reds to rich burgundies. All of these lacquers are in mini sizes. Too cute.  

(From L to R: Pirouette My Whistle, Alpine Snow, Bubble Bath, Tickle My France-y, You Don’t Know Jacques!, Cajun Shrimp, Big Apple Red, German-icure by OPI, Malaga Wine, and Lincoln Park After Dark.) 

Take Ten and Top This! will be available October 2013 at professional salons, Dillards, JCP Salons, Trade Secret, Regis, ULTA, and Take Ten retails for $24.95 and Top This! retails for $27.00. 

Threads of the Day: Back to the Basics


Sometimes I think people can forget the power of basic pieces. I don’t have a lot of prints in my wardrobe, because I’m always wanting to get the most out of my clothing. So unless I’m feeling adventurous, if I’m holding up a black top versus the same top in a mutli-colored pattern … odds are I’ll choose the black because it’s more versatile.

Today was one of those days where I was in a chill mood, but still wanted to feel stylish. I love the denim on denim look, and because Summer is winding down, I still have a little time to rock more of my “summery” items a couple more times. 


Thread list:

Denim shorts: Renae Cut Offs
Denim jacket: Renae Cut Offs
Tank: Zara
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell   


With a casual cool look like this, your makeup and hair should be effortless. I love big messy hair, there’s just something so imperfect about it. Like you gave a sh*t that day, but didn’t really give a sh*t. 


This look can easily be paired with heels (I would say nude or black…something to keeps things simple and effortless) or even some cool white sneakers. Casual to dressy just like that!


These heels make me super tall (I’m already 5’8), but they make me feel so sexy because of the high arch. The blush color of the wedge is a fresh alternative to nude (which I never find a nude that matches my skin tone anyway).

What do you think about bringing things back to the basics? 

My Fall Staple … Thanks To Shoedazzle


It all started when I saw these SICK black textured sandals in a winter issue of Marie Claire Magazine last year. I had to have them! The price tag was $49.95 (score!) and were listed as heels from Shoedazzle

Back in January, I conducted a mini experiment via Twitter, asking my followers if they had ever purchased any shoes from Shoedazzle. I saw the commercials on TV, I noticed the ads in magazines, but I never heard any conversation from friends about their latest score from the shoe destination.

So I posed the following question, “Any of my followers ever ordered shoes from Shoe Dazzle?” And below were some of the responses (mostly consisting of no’s due to the quality of the shoes). 


When I tell you these sandals were a deal steal, I mean it. So I had to find out for myself.



I wish I could remember the name of these lil bad boys, but I do remember that when I signed up for my first Shoedazzle purchase, I received a $10 credit. Making my total a sweet $39.95! Thank you Shoedazzle! 


What I love most about these heels is the texture of the leather. It’s similar to croc skin…but faux lol. The laces criss cross and tie up to the ankle, with a mean five inch heel that makes your legs look so sexy!

My Review:

On Style: I love how “expensive” these heels look. The faux leather croc material and zig zag side pattern make these show stoppers even more interesting. I’m always looking for the smallest details that can make something special and again, look more expensive than it really is. That’s a steal in my eyes. 

On Quality: Aside from the laces which could be a little better quality, I was pleased with the make of this shoe. The laces are a minor detail that can always be switched out if I wanted to … can you imagine how fierce these would look with a gold chain as laces?


On Comfort: As I mentioned before, these sandals are a mean five inches high and barely have any platform. So no hurrying or rushing for me. Someone is just going to have to leave me behind lol. Are they the most comfortable heels to walk in? No. Are they unbearable? No. These are the kind of heels that you wear to look cute in when you’re sitting down, or only walking short distances. If you catch my drift. 

On Price: Cha-ching! For $39.95 … it was money well spent.


I can’t speak on other shoes or items from Shoedazzle, but my first experience has been pretty pleasant. I’ll be back to try something else in the future! Starting with these! lol

Have you shopped with Shoedazzle? What was your experience like?