Product Review: New York City Ballet by OPI

I’m a sucker for bold nail colors, but sometimes it’s necessary to tone things down a bit. The new "New York City Ballet by OPI" collection features five sheer softshade colors and an additional sparkly lacquer. Hey, if you’re not a ballerina, this collection is also great to wear for a wedding, a job interview and strict dress code environments. 

( (L to R) “Barre My Soul”, “You Callin’ Me A Lyre?”, “Care to Danse?” ) 

( (L to R) “Pirouette My Whistle”, “My Pointe Exactly”, “Don’t Touch My Tutu!” )

Here is what the collection looks like on me below. I applied 3 coats of polish so the colors wouldn’t look so sheer. The grey shade on my pinky (“My Pointe Exactly”) has the most pigment.

(L to R): Care to Danse?, You Callin’ Me A Lyre?, Barre My Soul, Don’t Touch My Tutu!, My Pointe Exactly

Closer view

"Pirouette My Whistle" over "Care To Danse?"

What do you think about the collection?


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    The new “New York City Ballet by OPI” collection features five sheer softshade colors and an additional sparkly lacquer....
  3. afrikabcbg answered: Amazing, I love it
  4. sincerelyniah answered: I am a huge lover of nail polish. i have a whole drawer for just nail polish. NE way, love the collection! Time to add to my collection. :)
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  6. modernemeid answered: I love this, it’s so beautiful!
  7. kinkycurlyliebe answered: These are super cute! I want all of them! <3
  8. tiramisutiramisu answered: Love this collection! Is it just me or does “Pirouette My Whistle” over “Care to Danse” look similar to Revlon’s “starry night”?
  9. prncst answered: DON’T TOUCH MY TUTU IS WHITE?
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