Rumor Alert : H&M’s Next Designer Brand Collaboration

Say it ain’t so! According to the rumor mill, H&M has been stirring up greatness with their next rumored brand collaboration … (I know what you’re thinking, Maison Martin Margiela was just released last week)! By the way, did any of you cop anything from that collection?

Rumors stemming from insiders at Givenchy fashion house say that they are plotting on the next collab with H&M to launch in 2013.

There aren’t very many details outside of what’s mentioned above … but this is a rumor I’m praying is true! Are you on board?


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  5. dressupdummies said: Yes! had the longest Discussion with someone today that says this isn’t fare to ppl who spend good money on the brand and that clothing should stay in its lane. What do think about ppl that think this should happen? “Givenchy is Gvienchy and H&M is H&M”
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