DIY Nail Polish Holder

I spotted this jewelry organizer I’ve had since last Christmas laying around in the pits of my closet. I’m not really the kind of girl to put my jewelry in those things, so i thought of another use that would be perfect!

I have collected sooooo much nail polish over the last few months and it’s all been overflowing out of the plastic box I was storing them in. Not to mention, it’s not the best place for me to dig through when I’m looking for polish colors.

So I came up with the perfect solution mixing the two together. This is a super easy project that just requires a little time and organization :) Enjoy!

Nail Polish Collection BEFORE ::tisk tisk::

1. Start by dumping all of your polish out onto the floor.

2. Have your jewelry organizer ready (they can be found at home good type of stores).

3. I chose to organize my polish by color like they do at the nail salon. It’s the easiest way in my opinion. You could also sort it by brand (OPI, Essie, etc.)

4. I also separated my mani & pedi tools for the larger pockets in the jewelry holder at the bottom.

5. Start placing your polish in the pockets in the color order of the rainbow :) Mine held two in each pocket comfortably. Put your top & base coats first!

6. Continue on to the back side (if your holder has one) until all of your polish is stored.


Make sure whatever jewelry holder you get is sturdy! All that polish is heavy (it’s heavier than it looks in the picture). So you need a sturdy hanger attached so it doesn’t fall and your pretty colors break :(

Voila! Send me your pics if you decide to try this!!

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