Thank You For 2012!

The hours are winding down until the new year and reflecting back on it, God has really blessed me. 2012 has been one of my most challenging years and I’ve gone through my share of failures that tried to set me back from pressing on. At the same time, I’ve achieved some amazing things that turned into the highlights of my year. One of the biggest, being selected for Allure Magazines Beauty Blogger of the Year contest! What a dream…and my dream is continuing to unfold! 

I want to thank all of my family, supporting friends, and most of all my readers and supporters of my blog McKenzie Renae … because (as cliche as this sounds), I couldn’t keep going without you. For my loves who have been with me since the beginning, to my newbies who stumbled up on le blog this week, I love you all and I appreciate you! 

Let’s continue to challenge ourselves in 2013 and push ourselves to make it happen! Just make it happen and go for it! Why not? The last thing any of us want is to look back and regret that we never even tried. Set some realistic goals for yourself this year and actually follow through with them! I posted my main resolution on Instagram (@McKenzie_Renae), because sometimes you have to grow some kahunas and just put yourself out there!

2013 should be a bigger, better, and improved you! Be an inspiration to someone! Everyone stay safe tonight, party hard, and have designated drivers for all my 21+ girlies! 

Say it to yourself … 2013 is my year! Don’t worry about everyone else, what is for you is FOR YOU!


McKenzie Renae

2012…New Beginnings, New Hopes, New Dreams

2012 is finally here!…I remember bringing in 2011 with a bang, with my friends, with my 18 inch weave (haha), and with a whole new set of New Years resolutions to complete in a 365 day time span. 

I know everyone is probably looking back and re-evaluating how they spent their year, who they spent it with, what they accomplished, and what they plan to work on in 2012. During these last few days of a very lovely Christmas/New Years break in my home town of Austin Texas, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting myself. 

It’s time for us all to enter into this new year with a fresh start. Get rid of any baggage, grudges, negative thinking, and negative people. I hope you can take something away from these little things and be more proactive in this new year. Cheers to a fresh beginning to start over and do it right. Go for it … follow your dreams … and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it!

Here are a few inspiring quotes I wanted to share:

@MissSuccess Position yourself for success in 2012. Stop playing around with YOUR life. Taking YOU for granted.

@MissSuccess You may not need a new plan for 2012. You might just need to commit to the one you already have.

"Don’t let your past dictate your future." ~Ashley

"Love what you love without hesitation."