Kerry Washington Delivers Effortless Style For ELLE Magazine

I know it’s July 1st and all … but can we just take a minute to rewind time and go back to Kerry Washington’s June cover of ELLE Magazine? As an avid fashion magazine hoarder reader, I really appreciate when a runway look can translate effortlessly into “real street style”. 

Appropriately titled, “There’s Something About Kerry”, the ELLE spread featured looks from designers like Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, and more. I could see myself rocking everything from her makeup to each individual look. Stylist, Samira Nasr, chose the PERFECT blend of casual-chic looks for Kerry. 

Check out the effortless looks from the spread below.

These Tom Ford embroidered boots though! (Insert emoji ghost face)

Kerry killed this spread! It’s amazing what a simple tee or denim button up can look like paired with sequins, beads, and shiny jewels. 

For similar jean inspiration including cut offs and jeans, visit this site

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Bobbi Brown to Launch First Pop-Up Shop In Grand Central Terminal

Big things are happening for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. The popular beauty line is opening it’s first ever pop-up shop in one of the busiest areas of New York … Grand Central Terminal.

But don’t get too comfortable. The pop up shop will be ready to provide you with all the cosmetics, fragrances, and makeup brushes you need starting August 20th. But you’ll only be able to take advantage of this shop until January 2013. (Just in time to scrap up last minute stocking stuffers while commuting through the terminal in a hurry.)

In the 800 square foot space, a team of five makeup artists will be available for five-minute touch ups and makeup lessons. According to Elle, the real selling point, will be the appearance of Bobbi Brown’s personal manicurist, Roza Israel. Typically reserved for Brown and senior staff at the office, she’ll perform ten-minute manicures on a first-come basis.

You ladies in New York should definitely stop through!

**I’m loving the “Keep calm, wear lipstick” signage in the back. Too cute!

photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown

Beauty News: The Kardashians Are Launching a Beauty Line

Whew, it seems like everyone is launching a beauty line these days. The Kardashian sisters can’t seem (nor want) to stay out of the headlines!

I am not surprised in the least bit that they are launching a beauty line. Kim K.’s signature face is probably one of the most requested makeup looks there is! The line is called Khroma Beauty (surprise…spelt with a “K”!)

I will say there are a few dope products in their line that definitely caught my eye. According to Elle, the products — think a “Million Dollar Mask” made with 24k gold dust, a lipgloss holster meant to be worn like a garter on the thigh, as well as eyelashes, mascaras, and compacts — aim to help “emulate the eyes, lips, and complexion looks for which Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe are famous.”

A special Khroma Beauty holiday collection will hit stores in December, with a larger array launching in early 2013.

Here’s a look at a couple of the products:

The Million Dollar Mask

The Quickie Mascara

The Beretta Lipgloss Holster

I would definitely rock this sexy holster!

Are you surprised they are launching a beauty line? What do you hope will be a part of their collection?

photos courtesy of: Khroma Beauty

How to Make Your Style Blog BIG

I just read this article from ELLE and thought it was very interesting and helpful for those who currently have a style blog and those who will in the future! “ELLE talked with Rich Tong, Tumblr’s Fashion Director, about the best way a fashion blogger can market herself on the platform and how to become a key player. Here, his essential tips.”

1. First, choose Tumblr: Not to highlight the obvious, but there are certain opportunities and advantages to being part of the community. “Your posts are much more likely to be re-blogged and shared, providing you more exposure than you could get anywhere else.”

2. Be consistent: “This is key in maintaining a follower base,” says Tong. “You want to train your readers to know when or how often you’ll post. Make sure to ‘like’ and re-blog others’ posts.”

3. Make the pic pretty: Tumblr users get off on beautiful photos so either take hi-res photos (people especially love highly saturated images) or re-blog quality pictures (always giving credit where needed, of course).

4. Create your voice: This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to write from a first-person perspective or post pictures of yourself. “It’s easy to be anonymous and still curate one of the most beautiful fashion blogs on Tumblr,” says Tong.

5. Learn and follow others who already do it well: Jamie Beck ( has done an exceptional job marketing herself, ever since she joined Tumblr’s fashion week initiatives this past season. She’s gone on to work with some absolutely incredible people including Oscar de la Renta, Coco Rocha, and Christian Louboutin. You can also find top players in Tumblr’s fashion feature section ( Getting in here will guarantee that you’ll amass some followers, so be sure to tag your posts and give credit where needed. A hint: original content gets attention.

6. You can always rely on buzz-worthy topics: Unsurprisingly, Tumblr users are  obsessed with what we’re all obsessed with. “Gaga, McQueen, and Alexa Chung. Always Alexa,” says Tong. Also: “If you need to resort to it, photos of puppies and kittens. It doesn’t matter that they’re not fashion-related. They’re cute.”

For the full article of blog advice from Tong, click HERE.