Friday Find: Front Row Couture


(pictured above: Front Row Couture Creator, Shateria Moragne-el)

Oooo I love stumbling up on a great fashion find! Especially one where I know exactly how to wear it … this one included ::rick ross grunt::

Shateria Moragne-el (aka: girlfriend to rapper Rick Ross), launched her innovative luxury brand, Front Row Couture … and hunny, this line is everything! It’s fresh, classic, simple, and from the looks of it, great quality. Those are all essential characteristics to have in the threads lining the walls of your closet.

One of the things I love most about the Front Row Couture collection is how effortless it is.

Her clothing and designs ensure comfort, confidence, and appeal. Front Row Couture represents unmatched style and freedom — inspiring its consumers to be seen on the scene and never settle for anything less than the Front Row.

I can dig it Shateria.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the Front Row Couture collection. So me!

First up, these red, drawstring waist leather pants … Ohh Emm Gee. Total must-have.


And here they are again in black and white. Perfect way to rock the sporty-chic look.


The collection is right on trend as far as the leather goes (fine by me). There’s a little something for work, play, and the weekends in this collection.



Peep the subtle detailing along the shoulders of the top. The small details are what make pieces unique.




No word on pricing just yet (I know, I’m anxious to know too), but for more information and purchasing inquiries you can visit the Front Row Couture website here.

(UPDATE: The Front Row Couture pop up shop is now open here and those amazing joggers are $975. Early birthday gift anyone?)

The collection is said to debut its autumn/winter collection in the 2013 New York Fashion Week show sponsored by and Style 360 on February 12, 2013.

What do you think? Would you rock the collection? 

Friday Find: Linda Farrow x The Row Sunglass Wannabes

Today’s "Friday Find" also doubles up as a “Look For Less” … well aren’t you lucky ;)

I’ve had my eyes on these Linda Farrow x Row sunglasses Beyonce’s been spotted in numerous times, for a while. Buuut … I’m not quick to drop $400 for some sunglasses. So, thank goodness for friends in high places especially on the West coast! You have to use your resources right?

It’s such a great feeling to discover a look for less! My friend and stylist in LA trolled through the valley of Venice Beach for some Beyonce shade look-a-likes and stumbled up on gold! Yay :)

How much were they? 

$10 (+ shipping) … #POW! 

And that will do me just fine :)

So ladies, find your friends in high places and make some magic happen! Why go broke when you can be creative?

Thanks Ciera

Friday Find: Coco & Breezy’s Exposed X-Ray Vision Backpack

In other where the heck have I been news, todays dope “Friday Find” is from Coco & Breezy

These ladies are talented even outside of designing original and unique sunglasses for all the cool kids. I may be late, but I just stumbled up on their Exposed X-Ray Vision Backpack which gives the illusion of looking through an x-ray device to see the contents inside the backpack (duh lol). 

Coco & Breezy said it better:

"The metallic represents the mirror to see the reflection that beholds one. You see the outside of a person, which has hidden means. 

The mystery that you thought was enclosed behind the shades of C&&B …. are not #Exposed.”

The Exposed X-Ray Vision Backpack retails at $60 and can be found on their website. Check out the pics of the backpack below. 

Bonus: You can receive a complimentary “X-Ray Vision” pouch with the purchase of the exposed backpack. Gotta protect your shades right?!

Would you rock it?