Product Review: L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Crayon Concealer


I’ve been stuck on some pretty high-end concealer favorites for a while, and now that I’m running low on those I decided to give some good ol drug store brands a shot and see if they stand up to the test!

First up, L’Oreals new True Match Super Blendable Crayon Concealer!


I like to have a subtle highlight effect when choosing my concealer shade. So I went with the medium/deep warm-6 color that is about a shade in a half lighter than my skin tone and has a golden undertone. 

There are a total of six concealer shades to choose from, with this color being the second to “darkest” in the selection. 


Here is a quick swatch of what it looks like on my hand.


When choosing a concealer, here are the top three things I look for:

1. Undertone: I look for concealer that has a golden undertone because I like the look of a highlighted area under my eyes. Anything that is too neutral looks ashy on me.

2. Consistency: I look for a concealer that goes on smooth and creamy making it easier to blend. Because I like the consistency to be creamy, I always set my concealer with a translucent powder to prevent creasing lines underneath my eyes.

3. Coverage: Concealer that actually conceals isn’t too much to ask for right? Well you would be surprised. I have dark spots (from popping pimples…which I don’t recommend you do) and semi-dark circles under my eyes, so a concealer with pigment and coverage is key.

I apply my concealer in somewhat of a triangle shape under my eyes and on any dark spots.


Next I take my ring finger and smooth out the concealer down to my cheeks to make sure it’s blended seamlessly with my foundation. The next step (not pictured) is to lightly brush a translucent powder over the concealer to set it and prevent any creasing lines.

Be gentle when blending because the skin under your eye is very delicate. 


You see the difference it makes with concealer on the left side and none on the right? The correct shade can instantly light up your face and give you a refreshed look!


The L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Crayon Concealer is definitely a great drugstore buy. It got the job done and the crayon stick makes it easy to use. Get’s a thumbs up from me! 



Price Tag: $7.99 

Available at Target

2013 Spring Trends … With A McKenzie Renae Twist


I was a little disappointed to read that “Electric Red” is one of the makeup trends for this Spring. ::womp womp:: Don’t get me wrong, I love red! It’s classic, sexy, and timeless … not necessarily trendy. Believe me, the model pictured above is working that red hunny!

But I have a few looks in mind that I would love to see as 2013 Spring makeup trends! 

1. Purple/Violet Lips

I love this look because it can be super daring, yet so ladylike in the matter of shades. You can opt for a soft, pastel lilac hue mixed with a hint of fuchsia for a chic pout, or a vibrant electric purple to satisfy your wild side! Both looks paired with a simple eye, manicured brows, and a great volumizing mascara will be sure to set you apart from the school of rosebuds come Spring ;)


and if you’re really feeling daring …



2. Fluttery Lashes

I think every women should know how to apply a strip of false lashes! I’m not saying you need to wear them everyday, but know that a great pair of falsies can alter your eye shape in just a few easy steps (check out my tutorial here on how to apply yourself). Keep them wispy, soft, and natural  to compliment your other beautiful features. My personal favorites are the Ardell Demi Wispies! You can find them at drugstores and Sally’s Beauty Supply for $3-$4.


3. Short Dope Nails

Although I rarely get creative masterpieces painted on my talons, I can appreciate an awesome nail design! Hey, I feature nail art in my dope nails posts every week :) I would love to see the trend stick around, but shave down the talons a bit. It’s fun and one of the easiest ways to “express yourself”. Kudos to you ladies who rock stiletto nails, because I … just … can’t! lol 


4. Smokey Eyes and Nude Lips

Initially, when one thinks Spring, they think fresh faced, clean, and simple. Why not spice things up and get things sexy and steamy? A strategically messy smokey eye paired with a clean nude lip is sultry and very come-hither for Spring. All you need is a kick a**, super black, kohl eye liner pencil and smudger/q tip and you are good to go! A cheapie and favorite kohl pencil of mine, is the L’Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Eyeliner Pencil.

*photos courtesy of Google image search

I am obviously picturing a very glamorous upcoming Spring! lol I’m down … it’s all about choices right? ::wink::

What are some trends you want to see this Spring? For those planning on breaking the rules, what looks do you plan on rocking?!

Makeup Challenge Day 1: Natural & Bronzy

I love a clean, bronzy look! Today I went for something simple and sculpted, with a little glow ;)

Time: 15 minutes

Tools: MAC mineralize skinfinish foundation, MAC studio fix concealor, NARS “Dolce Vita” blush, Revlon mineral baked bronzer, Naked Palette “naked” & “buck” shadow, Lamik Celebrity Brow Kit, L’Oreal Intense eye liner, Cover Girl lash blast mascara, Revlon “soft nude” lipstick, MAC “Boybait” creme sheen gloss

Product Review: L’Oreal Professionnel Curl Satin Divine Defining Mousse (Texture Expert line)

L’Oreal sent me a couple of products to try out from their Texture Expert line and my first review if from their Curl Satin defining mousse. I havn’t used a mousse in my hair since it’s been natural so this was new to me. Here’s what I did:

1. I washed my hair, towel dried it, and while still damp applied two big dollops (pumps) of the mousse into the palm of my hands then ran it through my hair.

2. I did a two strand twist and let it dry overnight

3. In the morning I carefully untwisted it with a light serum on my fingers :)

I liked the mousse…it was light, didn’t leave my hair crunchy and smelled pretty good :) Here are the close up pics of my hair after using it!

Flirt the Line: How to Apply Liquid Eye Liner

Precisely applied liquid eyeliner can give the appearance of bigger eyes, longer lashes, and considerable glamour — and with the right makeup and enough practice, even a novice can pull it off. Follow these simple tips to get the look! 

Concentrate on Quality

Choosing a good liquid liner is crucial. It should be a quick-dry formula, so smudges are less likely, and it should have a soft tip that tapers slightly at the end. The color should also be rich — test it on the back of your hand and make sure you can draw a very dark line without having to push down too hard.

Master Technique

First, trace the upper lashes with an eye pencil or a damp angled brush dipped in dark shadow, getting as close to the lashes as possible. Once you’ve got the perfect line, trace over it with a liquid formula. To keep your hand steady, rest your elbow on a table and keep a light grip on the brush. Tip: Start from the middle of the lid for better control over the thickness of the line.

Flaunt Your Shape

If your eyes are close together, leave the inner corner bare and highlight it with a pale shimmery shadow. Extend the line at the outer corners, finishing just beyond the edge of the lash line — the farther out, the more dramatic the look. This makes close-set eyes appear to have more space between them. For eyes that are wide-set, the opposite holds true. Line the eyes all the way to the inner corner and don’t extend the line at the outer corners. If you’re wearing liquid liner for day, be sure the line is fine — no heavy streaks — and match your mascara to the liner.

Don’t Fuss Over a Smudge

Skip makeup remover when cleaning up mistakes. Instead, saturate a Q-tip with moisturizer, which will remove unwanted liner without affecting the other makeup you’ve put on.

Less Is More

To keep the look fresh and modern, the rest of your makeup should be clean, with light concealer and a soft pink blush on the cheeks.

1. MAC Fluidline: $15
2. L’Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner: $8.50
3. NYX Liquid Liner: $5
4. MAC 266 Small Angle Brush: $19.50

1.   2.

3.                       4.