How To Fill In Your Eyebrows

Hi loves! Thanks for being patient with me. This was a highly requested video to do a tutorial on how to fill in your eyebrows! 

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How to Get Thicker Brows

Thick brows make your face look more youthful and frames your eyes better. The eyes are the window to the soul, so why not make them really stand out ;)

How to pull it off:

Be patient! Let all hairs grow in for 3-4 weeks before seeing a pro to have your brows shaped. If you must pluck (like me), limit it to hairs along the bridge of your nose and near your lids). To fake fuller brows in the meantime, dip an angled brush into a matte shadow in a matching shade (or one shade darker). Follow the shape of the brow that’s there, and apply shadow in short, light strokes. Then add a bit more under and above the brow line. If you have coarse hair or large gaps, try a pencil for better definition.

(I use Lamik Beauty Brow Define Powder, $17.50 & a MAC small angled brush)

Twitter Question from @iHeartTia_xo

"Hey! I just wanted to know what products would you recommend for filling the brows? Thanks!"

Hi! I am currently using Lamik Beauty’s Celebrity Brow Kit … and I love it! It already comes with everything, a brow spool to tame the hairs and angled brush attached, a highlighter, and your brow powder. You can read more information on the product HERE . It’s $50 but it is worth every penny because it comes with everything you need and there’s a lot of product in there! I use mine everyday and it doesn’t seem like it’s getting any emptier. I love the way an angled brush and powder make my brows look (I’m a little heavy handed, so pencil doesn’t work for me). I hope you like it!