MIZANI Hosts Curly Nikki Natural Hair Meet Up in Atlanta


This past weekend was pretty crazy with the Bronner Brothers Hair Show in town. Mizani invited me an event at a local chic pizza spot called “Do” in midtown, where they were having a natural hair meet and greet with natural hair guru Curly Nikki.


Of course I couldn’t wait to go so I could have a chance to meet this awesome woman who’s helped all kinds of natural girls along their own personal hair journey (including myself). I mean, her site is LOADED with information that caters to girls who are going through the “big chop”, veteran curly girls, and even extensive product knowledge down to the ingredient.

The event was packed! I even ran into some of my blog followers as well as new followers who recognized me from the February curlBOX (hey guys!)! 


The event was great! Mizani’s mission was to have everyone chatting amongst each other and sharing their own personal stories to educate each other on what’s working for them and maybe some new things to try out. They had different hair stations set up with Mizani educators demonstrating new techniques and answering plenty of questions from lots of inquiring minds.


Ran into fellow Atlanta bloggers, Arkeedah and Lexi.

And I finally met Curly Nikki! She was absolutely adorable and so tiny (or maybe I’m just tall lol)! I loved her hair, like usual :) She recently came out with a new book titled, "Better Than Good Hair" , so you ladies may want to pick up a copy :)

Thanks for the invite MIZANI! Keep up the great education and see you next time you’re in Atlanta! 

**(I’m wearing a Prabal Gurung for Target sweatshirt and faux leather pants from H&M.)

Who else was there? What tips and tricks did you take away from the event? 

Updated Natural Hair Routine

It’s about that time that I do an update on my night time natural hair routine! In my last post (almost a year ago), my hair was shorter, blonde, and I was using a different set of products. Here’s my update:

I still use the same two-strand twist technique. Depending on how I want my curls, I’ll alternate between making the sections bigger or smaller. In the pictures above, I went with slightly larger sections.

1. I wash my hair with Mixed Chicks shampoo and follow up with the Mixed Chicks leave-in deep conditioner (from the No Frizz Trio set). I let that sit in my hair for 5-10 minutes, comb it through, and then rinse.

2. I towel dry so that my hair is still a little damp, and apply a decent sized scoop of the Mizani Moisture Stretch throughout (Mizani Perfect Curl (below) and Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner are two other favs of mine to use). 

3. After two-strand twisting my hair section by section, it ends up being in about 15 twists total on the top. I leave the back and sides of my hair alone and address that part in the morning.

4. Below are the products I am currently using: (L to R) Mixed Chicks Hair Silk ($11.99), Mizani True Textures Moisture Stretch ($19.95), spray water bottle ($1.19), and Mizani True Textures Perfect Curl Defining Cream Gel ($17.95)


5. I sleep with a silk scarf or bonnet over my head throughout the night, then in the morning take the Mixed Chicks serum (any moisturizing serum is good), squeeze a little on my fingers and take out one section at a time.

6. I fluff the roots with my fingers to make sure there are no noticeable sections showing. I use the water bottle to spray the sides and back of my hair, and apply the Mizani Moisture Stretch to freshen up that area while finger twisting those curls.

Tip: Don’t play with your hair too much when styling or you could cause extra frizz. But if you’re into that look ….get it girl :)

7. All done :)

Natural Hair Guide: The Mizani Curl Key

When you’re confused about your natural curl pattern, it can make it that much more frustrating to find the right products to achieve the look you want. 

While perusing through some hair pamphlets, I spotted the “Mizani Natural Curl Key” guide. This guide is GENIUS & super helpful, especially for you ladies trying to figure out what the heck your curl pattern is!

The curl key breaks down eight curl patterns from the type, natural characteristics, texture, growth pattern, body/volume, elasticity, and porosity. Then it recommends what natural or relaxed Mizani products to use! Why didn’t someone think of this earlier?

Here’s the breakdown:

Type 1

Straight to minimal curl, texture is thin to thick, grows down from the scalp, lack of body or volume, has marginal stretching with return, and has a compact to slightly raised cuticle & is less prone to frizz.

Type 2

Has an open wave (loose S-shaped curves), texture is thin to thick, grows down from the scalp, has some body, volume, or end-wave curve movement, has marginal stretching with return, and has a compact to slightly raised cuticle & is less prone to frizz.

Type 3

Wavy (distinct S-shaped curves with uniform wave pattern), texture is thin to thick, grows down from the scalp, has some body, volume or end-wave movement, moderate stretching with moderate return, and slightly raised to raised cuticle. Prone to frizz.

Type 4

Curly (defined, mixed curl patterns: loops to spirals, ringlets to corkscrews), texture is thin to thick, grows down from the scalp, then curls. Has body, volume and bounce, has moderate stretching with moderate return, slightly raised to raised cuticle. Likely to frizz.

Type 5

Very curly (defined curl with S-shapes forming into coils), texture is thin to thick or combination, grows down from the scalp, then curls. Reduced volume with some movement, prone to be compact, has stretching with minimal return. Has raised cuticle and likely to frizz and tangle.

Type 6

Coiled (loose afro—medium coils and close to the scalp), texture is thin to thick or combination, grows up and away from the scalp, then curls. Has some volume, likely to be compact with less movement, and stretching with minimal return. Has a raised cuticle, some frizz, tangled.

Type 7

Very coiled (tight afro—distinct, springy coils closer to scalp), texture is thin to thick or combination, curls directly from the scalp. Has minimal volume, come compaction, no movement, and stretching with minimal return. Raised cuticle, frizzy, tangled and prone to knot.

Type 8

Zig-zag coiled (extremely tight afro —interlocking coils and zig-zag patterns), texture is thin to thick or combination, and curls directly from the scalp. Compact with no movement, stretching with minimal return, and has a raised cuticle, frizzy, and tangled with some knots.

Did the Mizani curl key help you?

**I believe I’m a mixture of 4,5, & 6 lol

Mizani True Textures Line at Bronner Brothers Hair Show

The infamous 2012 Bronner Brothers Hair Show was this past weekend here in Atlanta.

Mizani invited me to check out their 2012 Trend Release and new additions to their True Textures line (which I happen to be a fan of and have talked previously about in my hair care regimen HERE.)

They had all kinds of great things going on over at the Mizani booth. Live hair demonstrations, natural hair classes and tutorials, question and answer seminars, and an introduction to their newest True Textures products including the Curl Balance, Curl Replenish, and Perfect Curl.

They used the Mizani Curl Set on this model’s hair to twist it into locs. The product gave her hair a nice shiny finish and felt light. Loved her red color too!

On this model, they used the same Mizani Curl Set and twisted her hair into locs using loc extensions. I learned that if your hair isn’t long enough to achieve locs, you can use loc extension hair to get the length. For this model, they used “Bob Marley” textured extensions.

A final look at all the pretty hair models :)

Hair educators, models, and Mizani professionals posing for a group photo.

Thanks so much Mizani for having me at the hair show!

For more information on Mizani products, you can visit www.Mizani-USA.com .

I Get This Question A LOT…

"How do you get your hair to curl like that? What products do you use?"

Let me be honest! I am new to the natural hair world and honestly…it’s all about trial & error! I’ve found that natural products that may work for someone else may or may not work for you. Everyone has a different hair type, texture, curl pattern, and maintenance/styling techniques. So all I can suggest is that you keep trying products and styling ideas until one works for YOU and YOUR hair type! Here’s something I’ve been trying using Mizani products :)

1. I washed my hair with shampoo then used the Mizani Cleansing Cream Conditioning Curl Wash.

2. I rinsed out the cleaning cream and sprayed a generous amount of the Mizani Butter Blend Microfusion Penetrating Conditioning Treatment and left it in for 5 minutes, then rinsed.

3. Finally I used a generous amount of the Mizani Perfect Curl and twisted individual sections of my hair. (I slept with a bonnet covering my hair)

4. In the morning I used a water bottle and sprayed my hair with water, then gently untwisted my hair and applied a little more perfect curl to keep my curls defined.