Threads of the Day: Black Mob


The weather in Atlanta has been really crazy lately. It’s hot and sunny one day and raining with flash flood warnings the next. So the other day I took full advantage of the semi-nice weather and went on a nice day date to the Georgia Aquarium and lunch downtown at a super cute seafood restaurant. 

I love a fem tomboy look. I always try to balance this look with a bit of casual and sexy pieces to make it all come together. It’s all about balance. So if you want to wear a crop top with your stomach out, balance it out with slightly baggy cargo pants or boyfriend jeans and strappy sandals so you don’t appear overly sexy.


Thread List:

"Black Mob" crop top: Thrifted
Cargo Pants: Blank NYC from Loehmann’s
Zara Sandals
BCBG Clutch
Michael Kors Watch
Panache Evil Eye bracelet

You already know how much I love to surf the thrift stores, so I was super hype when I found this “Black Mob” t-shirt in the men’s aisle. I cut that bad boy into a crop top, rolled the sleeves up a couple of times and called it a day.


Sometimes you have to add that one key piece that kind of “throws everything off” but matches at the same time. That item was my iridescent BCBG clutch. I love the sporty/chic look it gives off! Another tip is regarding your shoes…they can either make or break your outfit. I went for a gold strappy sandal to add some spice to the tomboy look and switched into my white ked-like sneakers for a casual feel later in the day. (Always have a backup!)


Because I dress relatively simple, I love to pile on jewelry and accessories. I went with a mixture of dainty rings, my Panache evil eye bracelet gifted to me by a follower on Instagram, and my favorite Michael Kors watch. Finally I’m sporting “My Vampire is Buff” by OPI on my nails.

What is your go-to fem tomboy chic look? I’ve had a couple of people request a workout and diet post on the blog. Comment below if that’s something you would like for me to post! 

Threads of the Day: It’s All In The Details

It was such a beautiful afternoon in Atlanta the other day, I decided to take a few quick outfit pics before I headed out. It’s clearly easier when I have someone to take them for me, so just bare with me and enjoy the accessory highlights.

What I’m wearing:

Floral sports jacket: H&M
White tank: Forever 21
Leather Pants: H&M
Vintage Versace Necklace: my grandmothers 
Michael Kors Watch
Gold Point Bracelet & Stone Ring: Ka’la
Black Sandals: Zara
OPI Skyfall Collection nail polish in “Tomorrow Never Dies”


I love taking a simple outfit and really completing it by piling on the jewelry. Accessories are my best friends … preferably gold!

time to add some color to my nails…

It was warm enough for me to trade in my boots for a pair of open toe sandals, and that’s exactly what I did. I found these little gems at Zara on sale for like $10 (talk about a score) last summer. Zara has some of the best shoes, just make sure you get them when you see them, because most of the times they won’t be there (in your size) when you come back.

How do you like to style your simple outfits to make them your own?

Threads of the Day: Panels, Crosses, & Gaudy Jewelry

When you don’t have your camera with you … there’s always Instagram :) This was actually a look from this past Saturday while just running errands on a beautiful day in the A. I wanted to wear something comfortable but still cute for an easy transition from day wear to cocktails with my girlfriend.

Who said you can’t be cute on a budget?

What I’m wearing:

Topshop wedge sneakers
H&M army green jacket
Forever21 black cross t-shirt
H&M black panel leggings
Urban Outfitters tortoise shell framed glasses

Aaannndd a closer look at the accessories … my favorite Michael Kors watch, and 2 costume rings I picked up at a boutique here in Atlanta. You can’t see that well from the view in this picture, but it’s an elephant on my index finger … hehe it’s the details that matter!

My inner kitten came out to play later on that night. Here’s a glimpse of what I wore to dance the night away :)

Decided on a blow out and vampy lip for the evening …

(White cut out dress: Topshop , Lace thigh highs: can’t remember , Sam Edelman vixen boots (not pictured). ) 

And I can’t forget to leave home without my Gucci Premiere fragrance. Such a sexy scent!

 What do you have planned for this weekend?

Threads of the Day: Mint Instinct

Today was such a beautiful day! I couldn’t be happier that Spring has finally arrived! My Texas roots had me fiending for the warm weather to show it’s face lol. Hope you like my threads of the day … I’d like to think of it as a mint themed day :)

What I’m wearing:

-H&M mint blouse
-Madewell jeans
-Zara heels
-Jimmy Choo bag (Amazing thrift find ;)…one’s lady’s trash is another lady’s treasure!)
-My favorite Michael Kors watch

There’s nothing wrong with a little tasteful, lacy bra that peeks out from time to time. These gold & turquoise earrings I got at a boutique back in Austin, the necklace is an oldie I stumbled up on while perusing through my jewelry box. Shades … from Walmart. Crazy huh? I’m the last gal to judge a book by its cover ;)

Thank you thrift Gods for lookin’ out for a playa! 

I sure hope everyone else is out and about enjoying this weather :)