Nasty Gal 2013 Fall Collection - Come to Mama!


What did I do to deserve the constant torture Nasty Gal puts me through? The “Nasty Gals Do It Better” brand (along with Zara ::le sigh::) seem to frequently rob my wallet blind. But do I mind? My fellow fashionistas already know the answer to that question.

Let me introduce you to the Nasty Gal 2013 Fall Collection:

From harnessed miniskirts to leather bustiers and voluminous moto jackets, we carefully designed every piece to make you stand out.


I love how visually stimulating the concept of the shoot is. From the holographic backdrop panels to the 80’s themed soft pastel lighting. It’s the perfect contrast to the structured and textured details of the clothing.  

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection!


Nasty Gal Collection Oil Slick Skirt, $130


Nasty Gal Collection Luminate Silk Dress, $140


Nasty Gal Collection Lucid Crop Tank, $80


Shoe Cult Outlaw Buckled Boot, $190 (Can’t get enough of this color!)


Nasty Gal Collection Hover Moto Jacket, $260

Nasty Gal Divert Leather Moto Jacket, $400

Nasty Gal Collection Visionary Velvet Dress, $110

You can check out the rest of the Nasty Gal Fall 2013 Collection here

Are you excited about the Fall Collection? Which pieces are your favorite? 

Threads of the Day: Plain Jane

Some of my best dressed days are the days where I just “throw something on”. Those days are when I feel most comfortable, confident, and just … myself. Today was one of those days. 

There’s power in style. Look past the brand, how much it cost, where you got it from … if you have style and know how to put an outfit together, you can feel powerful in whatever you wear. 

My kryptonite in a sense are these white “Ked-like” sneakers. I wear them almost everyday lol. They go with everything! The perfect summer staple paired perfectly with jeans, cut off shorts, dresses, skirts, leggings, you name it. Yes, my only gripe is that they get dirty super fast, but lucky for me, the 2 for $30 sneaker deal at Urban Outfitters has me covered ;)

Now I love a great pair of vintage high waisted jeans, or “mom jeans”, as some would call them. I put my skills to work and added a little distressing in just the right places. Remember ladies, you can still be sexy and remain classy at the same time. Sexy doesn’t have to mean “show it all to everyone.” In the near future, I’ll pair these with some strappy sandals and a bustier top for a different approach for a night on the town!

Thread List:

Top: No Style
Jeans: Renae Cut Offs
Sneakers: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Nasty Gal 

What’s your go-to look that just works every time you “throw it on”?

Some ‘Super Nasty’ Material You Might Want To Read


Oooo get your mind out of the gutter! What nasty material did you think I was talking about? Because I’m talking about the second issue of Nasty Gal’s new publication, “Super Nasty”. 

This issue is appropriately titled, “Out There”, because according to Nasty Gal Founder and Editor, Sophia Amoruso,

"…hell, I’d like to think we’re pretty "out there". We sell clothes, sure — but at the end of the day, we’re weird. We’re not your average fashion freaks or pop-culture fangirls. We’re different."

Hmmm very Kelly Cutrone of her (if you don’t know who Kelly Cutrone is, look her up.). I love different, I can definitely relate :)

This issue is full of original articles and spreads from a group of contributing Nasty Galish photographers, stylists, models, and artists that they’ve worked with over time.

5 Cool Things I Peeped In This Issue

1. The black onesie swimsuit with the serious side boob action on page 16 is extra sexy. I’m really drawn towards the scuba inspired look of this summer’s suits. You gotta show off all that hard work from the gym some kind of way right?


2. I spot more dope styling images from the Spring 2013 Collection. Sporty chic ensembles are the move this summer! Bonus points for using a beautiful woman of color to add a little zest to all the pretty hues blooming just in time for Spring!


3. Beauty Tips from the Pros:

- Olive oil works just like a cuticle oil and is also a good lubricant to remove press-on nails.
-The best trick for avoiding sunburn is to not shower when you get home from the beach or pool, because the heat opens your pores and that’s when you really get red. Massage a fresh mashed-up avocado on the red/tender areas, leave on for an hour, then gently wash off with a towel and cold water. Wait until the morning to shower and you’ll be tan and not burnt. [Interesting.]  

4. Spotted some cool nail art on page 81. Dope nails of the day anyone?

5. Totally loving all of the vivid color and mixing of stripes and geometric prints on page 113! Teal lids are a fresh way to bring in the warm weather.

In the world we live in where everyone is so pressed for time, this issue may be right up your alley if you actually ENJOY reading.

While I on the other hand love an interesting article, I could flip through the issue, dogear the pretty pictures and outfits, and be just fine. Thanks for the creative, artistic vision though Nasty Gal!

To check out the full online issue, click here

Dope Find: Nasty Gal Spring 2013 Collection

I love a unique piece, and Nasty Gal tests the waters often with each of their collections. Their Spring 2013 collection caught my eye mainly due to the heavy influence of scuba inspired pieces. Who would have thought there would be so many ways to incorporate that fabric into everyday items and not just swimwear? 

I have fallen in love with the sporty chic trend popping up for Spring. Here are some of my favorite looks and pieces from the collection. I’m forecasting lots of mesh, loose drapey fabrics, and believe it or not, overalls (renamed as a jumper/jumpsuit) are making a chic comeback. The real element of surprise is the cool detailing when you turn around. Effortless style is right up my alley!

For the full collection, visit the Nasty Gal website

How would you rock the “scuba look”?