Rihanna Covers Harper’s Bazaar August 2012

I can’t get enough of this girl … but you guys already know that lol. Rih Rih snagged yet another magazine cover, and this time it’s Harper’s Bazaar.

Rihanna nails it, rocking the latest threads by Emporio Armani, Donna Karen New York, Cartier, and Balmain just to name a few. Keeping it sleek, simple, and slightly mysterious, check out Rih’s Harper’s Bazaar spread below.¬†

::cues “We Found Love” single::

This rockstar is truly the definition of carefree! Love it!

Rihanna Fan…

Ok let me be a lame for a minute and let you all know, in case you didn’t already know I absolutely LOVE Rihanna! lol She is just so dope to me … drama and all ha! I’ve been following her teasers for her new video “We Found Love" and I must say the video was an interesting concept….obviously the story of her & Chris’s relationship. It was nothing like I thought it would be from the leaked photos. Anywho…watch the video yourself and form your own opinion!

Tell me…did you like the concept?

Love it…Rihanna’s Belly Chain

This is a sexy piece of jewelry… and since Rih’s pics keep popping up from her vacation in Barbados, I’ve been eyeing this delicate piece she’s been wearing! I finally found out who the designer is, Jacquie Aiche .

It’s a beautiful 14k rose gold diamond large filigree body chain that is long enough to wrap around your chest or torso. The price tag is hefty though… $1,775 .

Here she is wearing it below….Christmas gift anyone? ;)