Sam Edelman “Larissa” Shoe Review

Ok so Sam Edelman has become one of my favorite shoe designers! They fit my feet so well (I have narrow feet), and they are affordable. So when I saw the black leather "Larissa" shoe back in the winter…I FELL IN LIKE LOVE…then wiped the drool from my mouth. lol The problem was that every time I would make an attempt to try them on, my size (9) was never in stock :( So recently I just happened to be in Macys, & they had them in the color NUDE!! Again…had to wipe the drool from my mouth. lol

I tried them on and here is the reason they didn’t come home with me…

They fit my foot GREAT but…as I was walking around in them, my feet brushed up against each other slightly and the studs popped off the shoe onto the floor -_- . Definitely something to consider when I would potentially be wearing them out for a night on the town with my girls & dancing the night away…then I get home and my new $200 shoes have no more studs on them. NOT COOL.

So I had to leave them in the box and slowly walk away…sad & disappointed :( For me, $200 is too much to spend on a pair of jaw dropping shoes that will only look decent for one night out. I really wish they worked out…the choice is yours…I’ll probably still go back and get them after they go on sale lol Just being honest!

The Nude Larissa’s that broke my heart :(

Here they are in the cream snake skin print :)

All of the other pretty choices to choose from if you still desire!