Soul Sister: Solange Knowles For Glamour France July 2012

Go head Solange! Ms. Knowles recent modeling work graces the pages of Glamour France Magazine. In the July 2012 issue, Solange rocks her signature afro, mixture of prints and colors, all while maintaining her classic ladylike persona. 

But here’s the twist … 

Spotted over at Necole Bitchie, Solange expressed the following via her Twitter, after frustrations with fans negatively commenting on how she styles her hair:

Im only going to say a few things. I cut my hair ALL off 4 times in my life all for very different reasons….I only reiterate this because this is nothing new for me. This 4th time did not define me, just as it had not the previous 3 times. I’ve never painted myself as a team natural vice president. I don’t know the lingo and I don’t sleep with a satin cap…However, I did noticed when I picked out my hair, I kept seeing feedback about needing a “twist out”. Connnnfesssioonnn: I HATE twist outs. Correction, I hate the way they look on me. SO i end up always picking them/steaming them out. Look, all i’m saying is. My hair is not very important to me….so i don’t encourage it to be important to you. Im very emotional today (involving something else) , so i’m letting the momentum of that help me to express the fact that…I dont want to talk about no damn hair… mo.

I find it very interesting that Solange addressed this issure about her natural hair … and you know what, I kind of feel her. 

Your hair does not and should not define you. It can add to your spunk and personality, but at the end of the day you can do whatever you want with your hair … whether that means wear a braid out, twist out, comb out, or freshly steamed from the shower, a la Solange.

Why do you really care about what the next girl is doing with her hair? Let her live!

Anyway, check out the rest of her spread below …. Solange is fierce hunty!

What’s your opinion? Do people chime in too much when it comes to how natural girls should wear and style their hair? 

The Scoop: Solange Knowles Shares Her Secrets For Natural Hair

Time and time again, we’ve seen beautiful photos of Solange spotted out at red carpet events, behind the DJ booth, and with her sister Bey … rocking a fierce natural hair do! Sometimes it’s larger than life and other times it’s a cute mini fro. What are her secrets on how she maintains her looks? Keep reading below where she shares the scoop in an exclusive interview with Essence Magazine.

ESSENCE: Are you surprised so many people are inspired by you?
SOLANGE KNOWLES: I am! I wasn’t expecting that. I get women all the time on Twitter and face-to-face saying, “I did this [haircut] because you did.” That’s really, really humbling, and I think it’s amazing.

ESSENCE: Is there any style that stands out as a favorite?
KNOWLES: I actually love my natural hair when it’s in a twist out and it’s been slept on for five days and revived by the steam of the shower. A lot of people say, “It’s so beautiful. Why don’t you wear it like that all the time?” Well, I’m in all these different places and working with different hairstylists, so it’s important for me to wear it in a protective style.

ESSENCE: How do you feel about your hair now?
KNOWLES: I think many people, especially from other cultures, just don’t understand the role hair plays in Black women’s lives. I can now transform the energy surrounding my hair into something way more productive. Now that [my hair is] growing back, I’m kind of in that in-between stage. Previously, I would have said, “I’m straightening it again; it’s just becoming too much work.” But I think the key is to find styles that give me flexibility.

ESSENCE: What advice would you give someone who wants to go natural?
KNOWLES: I would say it’s going to be a journey and you have to be 100 percent ready. I think many people are coming into it thinking it’s going to be easy and it’s going to be healthier. Just because you’re natural doesn’t mean you’ll be able to wash, shake and go. It’s a lot of work. If it’s something you truly feel strongly about and it’s going to represent you in lifestyle, hair care and health, then it’s a worthwhile journey to take. I stand for people who are firm in their journey.

More tips from Solange on keeping your curly tresses healthy & fabulous:

1. Dont let your hair control your life

“[Before going natural], I was working out, swimming and going on vacations with my son, and I always felt as if my hair held me back. Cutting it off was a pivotal moment. I enjoy not having to worry about it.”

2. Moisturize daily

“I put shea butter in my hair every day. I also use Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey. It’s like an oil, but it’s not.” 

3. Dedicate some time for TLC

“I have a ritual at the salon where I have oils put in my hair and I sit under the dryer for an hour and a half.” 

4. Have a go-to product

“Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisturizing Hair Smoothie is definitely my fave. I was a Carol’s Daughter advocate way before I became a part of the brand. The newer products are great, but I swear by Black Vanilla.”

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