Friday Find: Linda Farrow x The Row Sunglass Wannabes

Today’s "Friday Find" also doubles up as a “Look For Less” … well aren’t you lucky ;)

I’ve had my eyes on these Linda Farrow x Row sunglasses Beyonce’s been spotted in numerous times, for a while. Buuut … I’m not quick to drop $400 for some sunglasses. So, thank goodness for friends in high places especially on the West coast! You have to use your resources right?

It’s such a great feeling to discover a look for less! My friend and stylist in LA trolled through the valley of Venice Beach for some Beyonce shade look-a-likes and stumbled up on gold! Yay :)

How much were they? 

$10 (+ shipping) … #POW! 

And that will do me just fine :)

So ladies, find your friends in high places and make some magic happen! Why go broke when you can be creative?

Thanks Ciera