Essie Introduces New Line of Nail Wraps

Nail wraps … we’ve seen them line the shelves of drugstores nationwide and now Essie is trying to get a piece of the pie!

Essie has recently released their own set of “Sleek Stick” Nail Wraps in stores now. The 12 designs created by Essie Founder & Creative Director, Essie Weingarten, were inspired by the fashions seen on catwalks in New York and Milan. 

(colors from L to R, top to bottom: Over the Moon, Oh My Gold!, A to Zebra, Sneek-E, Glam It On, Don’t Cheetah On Me, Croc ‘N Chic, Steel the Show, Embrace the Lace, Stickers and Stones, Love to Love You, So Haute!)

I am loving the animal print patterns (especially the croc & snake) as well as the purple decal with the faux diamonds lining the side. 

I’ve seen nail decals that would be perfect for photo shoots or special occasions only (but how man of those are we going to?). These Essie wraps seem a little more muted and realistic to go with your everyday outfits and still last through the weekend.

At $10.25 each ($9.99 at ), each kit comes with an 18 nail applique strip, 1 cuticle strip, 1 nail file, a buffer and a sheet of instructions. 

How do you feel about nail wraps? Are you on board or totally over this trend?

Product Review: Mary Kay Satin Lips Mask & Balm

If you’re trying to rock a bold lip this Fall, then maintaining a smooth, silky pout is the only way to go!

Not only does a bold color go on creamier and smoother when your lips have been properly exfoliated and conditioned, but it also helps the color to penetrate deeper into the lines of the lips making for longer wear.

Chapped, peeling lips are not cute ladies!

So if you want your lips to look like this…

or this…

Then you need to invest in …

Mary Kay Satin Lips Mask & Balm

I know what you’re thinking … "I can just use a baby toothbrush to exfoliate my lips." You could, but this treatment together gives great results and you can carry it on the go to use whenever needed. 

The Satin Lips lip mask is an exfoliator that you gently apply to your lips in a circular motion, leave it on for 1-2 minutes then remove with water. Follow up with the Satin Lips lip balm and your lips will be ready for any bold color! 

I like to use the exfoliator first thing in the morning so my lips are already conditioned for my lipstick of choice. The products don’t irritate my lips or feel abrasive at all. 

The Satin Lips set is $18 and available online on the Mary Kay website (or you can purchase them individually for $9.50 each). 

Definitely gets a thumbs up in my book :)

Blog Sale?

Hi loves!! Sooo I just moved into my new place and I’m overwhelmed with how much stuff I have! Let me confess … I’m a bit of a hoarder and I get emotionally attached to my “stuff” and sometimes I have no idea why. So, this is where you guys come in!

I am considering doing a blog sale! This will help me get rid of beauty products I’ve never used and clothes/accessories that I’ve never worn (or only wore once).

Does this sound like something yall would be interested in? Leave me a comment, like, or send some smoke signals if it’s a go! Depending on how much feedback I get, I would love to get started ASAP! And because I need to get rid of it all, prices will pretty much be dirt cheap :)

Feedback away…