McKenzie Renae Blog Sale … Shop Now!

I know I’ve been talking about this blog sale for the longest! It’s finally up and ready and I’ll be adding items from time to time! For now, it’s first come first served with what’s available for sale! So go for it :)

Note: Some products have been gently used for product review purposes and others are unopened and never used. It’s noted under the descriptions!

All payments made through PayPal.


Blog Sale?

Hi loves!! Sooo I just moved into my new place and I’m overwhelmed with how much stuff I have! Let me confess … I’m a bit of a hoarder and I get emotionally attached to my “stuff” and sometimes I have no idea why. So, this is where you guys come in!

I am considering doing a blog sale! This will help me get rid of beauty products I’ve never used and clothes/accessories that I’ve never worn (or only wore once).

Does this sound like something yall would be interested in? Leave me a comment, like, or send some smoke signals if it’s a go! Depending on how much feedback I get, I would love to get started ASAP! And because I need to get rid of it all, prices will pretty much be dirt cheap :)

Feedback away…