Dope Find: Lucienne Francois Custom Blend Cosmetics


Have you ever bought a lip color, used that baby all the way up, and then return to the store to purchase it again just to find out that it’s been discontinued? I HATE when that happens! Why does it seem like all the good colors get discontinued?

Well I found a super dope solution to that and more! Lucienne Francois is a talented business woman who specializes in Custom Blend Cosmetics. You’ve seen me rock one of her custom blend blue lipsticks in this Threads of the Day post

I wanted something new and fun for the summer, and decided to go for a pop of blue and soft lilac lipstick to jazz up my summer makeup.

And it doesn’t stop at lipsticks, she can make anything you need, including custom or replicated nail polish, lip gloss, foundation, bronzer and eye shadow. 

I love how pigmented the lipstick is and the nail polish could definitely pass for a dupe of an OPI shade. Here is a close up of the custom blue lipstick.

Fun right?!

And here’s a close up of the custom lilac with the lilac lipgloss applied on top!

This color is trending for Spring and Summer and is a fresh alternative to wearing pink. I only applied two coats of the lipstick and have no liner underneath.

The next time you run out of your favorite shade of anything and find that it’s been discontinued or even if you want to create your own custom color, check out Lucienne Francois Custom Blend Cosmetics at !

Bobbi Brown to Launch First Pop-Up Shop In Grand Central Terminal

Big things are happening for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. The popular beauty line is opening it’s first ever pop-up shop in one of the busiest areas of New York … Grand Central Terminal.

But don’t get too comfortable. The pop up shop will be ready to provide you with all the cosmetics, fragrances, and makeup brushes you need starting August 20th. But you’ll only be able to take advantage of this shop until January 2013. (Just in time to scrap up last minute stocking stuffers while commuting through the terminal in a hurry.)

In the 800 square foot space, a team of five makeup artists will be available for five-minute touch ups and makeup lessons. According to Elle, the real selling point, will be the appearance of Bobbi Brown’s personal manicurist, Roza Israel. Typically reserved for Brown and senior staff at the office, she’ll perform ten-minute manicures on a first-come basis.

You ladies in New York should definitely stop through!

**I’m loving the “Keep calm, wear lipstick” signage in the back. Too cute!

photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown