Met Gala 2013- Punk: Chaos To Couture (Instagram Edition)


The 2013 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala (aka “The Met Gala”), is like the Oscar’s of fashion for designers, celebrities, and fashion icons! The theme for this years Met Gala was appropriately titled “Punk: Chaos to Couture”. I was thrilled that the theme was switched up this year. While I love a classic gown, the punk theme allowed attendees to have a little more fun and actually have a reason to step outside their comfort zone at such a major event! 

Instead of using all red carpet photos, I thought it would be fun to approach things from an Instagram point of view. Here is a list of my favorite red carpet looks, dope nails of the night, and some tragedies that just didn’t give me life at all. 

Read on for a healthy dose of leather, spikes, lace, and hair gel! Cheers to those who really had fun with it!


I love how Nicole Richie went all out with the punk theme! Everything from the grayish blue hair to the bold lip and couture white beaded gown. You see that dope gold ear cuff? Details make all the difference! Go Nicole! 


Model Cara Delevingne in Burberry Prorsum! Yaaasss hunny, so my style! I absolutely love the deep v neck dress with the extra edgy spikes and messy smokey eye! Young, fresh, and definitely punk.


Donatella Versace looked hot last night in a black floor length gown with sheer cut out panels and safety pin covered sleeves! Loving the mixed black textures paired with her signature blonde hair and smokey eye. 


Sarah Jessica Parker NAILED IT in a Giles gown and Christian Louboutin boots! 


…and that Philip Treacy headpiece … ::drops the mic::


I pray to God that I age like Jennifer Lopez! Every time she steps out she serves glamazon on a platter! 


Ok, Miley Cyrus is on a roll with this fresh style transition of hers. She rocked a mesh Marc Jacobs number complete with the ultimate spiked “up-do”. 


Rooney Mara turned heads as she donned a sexy angelic take on “punk” wearing a white, lace Givenchy dress. I probably would have selected a different shoe but she did her thing with the dark lip! 


Madonna in Givenchy… enough said. I know she had a ball with this theme!


Although this wasn’t the punkest of the bunch on the red carpet, I just love the artistry behind Balmain. Kate Bosworth couldn’t have been with a cuter date, Balmain designer Oliver Rousteing (pictured sitting down). I would totally rock this look!


I love Kerri Washington. While watching her red carpet interview with Vogue, she mentioned that she threw in some cool purple highlights into her hair to really get into the punk theme. Don’t think I didn’t notice the fly ensemble Vera Wang chose! Two thumbs up from me. 


Last but not least, the anticipated arrival from Queen B! Even the celebrities couldn’t wait to see her and ensemble selection. Beyonce literally showed up in flames rocking a strapless Givenchy dress. Givenchy made a heavy presence on the red carpet this year!


Aaaannnnddd as far as the “not so much” crew, Kim Kardashian and Nikki Minaj were on my worst dressed list. While I appreciate a fashion risk taker, the floral frock Kim K. selected was not working for her at all. Nikki’s hair looked ok, but I was expecting something a lot more out of the box coming from her. 


Who do you think was the best dressed on the red carpet? And how do you think Kim K and Nikki could have rocked it better?

Fresh Look Celebrity Spotlight: Miley Cyrus

I love a good celebrity transformation!! And Miley Cyrus is giving me SO MUCH LIFE!!! She’s quickly on the rise to becoming one of my favorite style icons. I just love how raw and edgy she is … a very “I don’t give a f*@$” kind of attitude. 

First and foremost, I think one of the most heartfelt moments involved with her new look, was her initiative in cutting her hair in the first place. She chopped off her signature long locks over a year ago and donated her strands to a cancer charity. Go Miley! 


But let’s transition to Miley’s new style shall we? These are the two pictures that started it all for me…


The chic red jumper, the tough leather jacket, and hip hugging leather boyfriend shorts paired with sexy strappy sandals … I just can’t take it! lol She’s definitely ditched her Disney Hannah Montana image, which I think is great because she’s finally embracing her womanhood. Those cute, teenage days are over! 

Here are four things I’ve learned from Miley as her style has been progressing:

1. She loves a classic black frock (a given).
2. She’s got that gym routine down because her stomach and those legs are toned like I don’t know what!
3. Her signature makeup routine goes one of three ways; fresh faced, a sexy smokey eye, or a statement red lip. All great choices ;)
4. She’s mastered the skill of bringing just enough sex appeal while still leaving something to our imagination! Unfortunately not everyone knows how to do that. 

Check out some more of my favorite Miley Cyrus fashion moments!


Short hair seriously has the power to just make you feel sassy, sexy, and confident! 

What do you think about Miley’s new look?  Which look would you love to recreate? 

If you missed the last “Fresh Look Celebrity Spotlight”, check it out here

Threads of the Day: Posh & Chucks

Casual, chic fits are my go-to look. I love the mixture of effortlessly pairing a pencil skirt with some classic Chuck Taylors, a simple tank, and for the sake of this chilly weather, layering on a varsity jacket to stay warm. 

A sexy lace bra peeking out from underneath never hurt anyone ;)

Thread list:

-Pencil Skirt: Forever21
-“Black” Tank: H&M
-Varsity Jacket: Forever21
-White Converse Chuck Taylors
-Melody Ehsani “Truth” Necklace
-Clutch: Forever21
-Rings: ASOS 

I usually keep my makeup simple with a bold lip as the focal point. Today I chose a new lipgloss by Black Opal from their ColorSplurge Patent Lips collection called “Posh”. The color is so vibrant and pigmented straight from the tube! You could add a lip liner for a little staying power but overall you don’t really need a liner or lipstick layered underneath! 

You can find the Black Opal ColorSplurge Collection at select CVS stores, Walmart, or online at The Patent Lips lipgloss retails at $6.75 each. Steal!

I hope everyone had a great, productive week and be sure to live it up this weekend!



Some ‘Super Nasty’ Material You Might Want To Read


Oooo get your mind out of the gutter! What nasty material did you think I was talking about? Because I’m talking about the second issue of Nasty Gal’s new publication, “Super Nasty”. 

This issue is appropriately titled, “Out There”, because according to Nasty Gal Founder and Editor, Sophia Amoruso,

"…hell, I’d like to think we’re pretty "out there". We sell clothes, sure — but at the end of the day, we’re weird. We’re not your average fashion freaks or pop-culture fangirls. We’re different."

Hmmm very Kelly Cutrone of her (if you don’t know who Kelly Cutrone is, look her up.). I love different, I can definitely relate :)

This issue is full of original articles and spreads from a group of contributing Nasty Galish photographers, stylists, models, and artists that they’ve worked with over time.

5 Cool Things I Peeped In This Issue

1. The black onesie swimsuit with the serious side boob action on page 16 is extra sexy. I’m really drawn towards the scuba inspired look of this summer’s suits. You gotta show off all that hard work from the gym some kind of way right?


2. I spot more dope styling images from the Spring 2013 Collection. Sporty chic ensembles are the move this summer! Bonus points for using a beautiful woman of color to add a little zest to all the pretty hues blooming just in time for Spring!


3. Beauty Tips from the Pros:

- Olive oil works just like a cuticle oil and is also a good lubricant to remove press-on nails.
-The best trick for avoiding sunburn is to not shower when you get home from the beach or pool, because the heat opens your pores and that’s when you really get red. Massage a fresh mashed-up avocado on the red/tender areas, leave on for an hour, then gently wash off with a towel and cold water. Wait until the morning to shower and you’ll be tan and not burnt. [Interesting.]  

4. Spotted some cool nail art on page 81. Dope nails of the day anyone?

5. Totally loving all of the vivid color and mixing of stripes and geometric prints on page 113! Teal lids are a fresh way to bring in the warm weather.

In the world we live in where everyone is so pressed for time, this issue may be right up your alley if you actually ENJOY reading.

While I on the other hand love an interesting article, I could flip through the issue, dogear the pretty pictures and outfits, and be just fine. Thanks for the creative, artistic vision though Nasty Gal!

To check out the full online issue, click here

Threads of the Day: Leather on Leather


Yesterday I attended the BFAB Awards by Tastemaker Magazine, hosted at Ambient Studios Plus in downtown Atlanta. I was nominated for Top ATL Beauty Blogger and other influential Atlanta bloggers were also nominated and recognized for having a positive voice and strong influence in their community. 


As far as my ensemble, I wanted to go for something chic and stylish. This cold weather will not let me be great, so I pulled out some lightweight leather pieces and a pair of gold wedge sandals to create my look.

Just so you know, you don’t always have to spend a fortune to look stylish. A true fashionista can look great on any budget. It’s all about mixing and matching price points and investing in quality, timeless pieces that will last. I don’t spend as much on trendy pieces because they are “in” this season and “out” the next. 

Thread List:

Full leather skirt: H&M
Leather top: BCBG
Belt: BCBG
Gold wedge sandals: Zara (with OPI “Jade Is The New Black” on my toes)
Box clutch: Forever21 
"Truth" necklace: Melody Ehsani
Screw Point Bracelet: K-La Boutique 
Crystal Nail Ring: Topshop 
Stacked rings: Express
Black jewel ring: Forever21 


Here is a close up of my Zara wedge sandals purchased about a year ago. These are a great heel height and I love the dainty straps and pointy toe. I have narrow feet, and Zara shoes always seem to fit me just right! Plus they are affordable! 

As you already know, I love to stack on jewelry! I rarely follow the rule of “taking one piece off before you leave the house” lol. I think it’s because my outfits are never really too busy with prints and patterns so that gives me a reason to keep stacking on rings, bracelets, etc. Hey let a girl live!

I totally forgot to get a close up shot of my makeup! But I wore a pair of my favorite lashes by Smoke & Mirrors Beauty. They are called the “Vegas” lashes and give your eyes this big doe eyed effect! Glamour to the fullest :)

Here are some more pictures of other fellow nominated bloggers at the BFAB Awards!

One of the biggest highlights of my day was finally getting a chance to meet Maeling Tapp, aka Natural Chica. I absolutely love her, and not to mention she’s gorgeous and super sweet :)

Of course, my blogger girlies Arkeedah and Lexi were nominated. Looking fab!

Photo opp with blogger Tarika Saada and stylist SirGarde.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you Tastemaker Magazine for the nomination.


I’m not mad at Angela Simmons hustle and grind not one little bit! Recently, Simmons released a little sneak peek into her new clothing line appropriately named “Angela by Angela Simmons”. What better way to continue branding yourself than through your own name?

From the looks of the video, her line looks pretty casual continuing the trend of chic athletic attire, sweats, and strategic little bows to add some femininity. She expressed on her website,

“I’m so excited to share the first video for my Angela by Angela Simmons collection. I’ve always wanted to create a fashion line and it’s finally happening. I hope you guys like it. Stay tuned for more coming soon! XO, Angela.”

I love a chill chic piece and I would definitely wear some of the items from her line, but I feel like I’ve seen this “look” done too many times. Maybe Angela is holding out on some surprise pieces that will set her apart from the rest of the flock. 

Until then, check out the video and let me know what you think. Are you feeling Angela by Angela Simmons?

Feature Friday: LA Fashion Stylist Ciera Rogers

Welcome to my first installment of Feature Fridays! Where I feature whatever or whomever I deem dope that week and the influence they have on others! 

First up, Fashion Stylist Ciera Rogers! Not only is she a super stylish girl with bleach blonde hair to compliment her striking green eyes, but she has some serious talent with styling and creating re-worked vintage pieces that are available in her online store

Raised in Texas and now residing in Los Angeles, Ciera does everything from editorial, commercial, album covers, and celebrity styling. Her work has most recently been spotted in “Vogue” Italia’s October 2012 online edition! Go girl! 

What’s the most rewarding part of Ciera’s job? "I love it when I can help someone bring out their inner beauty and transform their look and attitude," says Rogers. 

Are you following Ciera on Instagram? Well if you are in need of some fresh outfit ideas, and the many ways to sport her custom “MEOW”, “Homies”, and “Givenchy Taught Me” beanies, then her page (@CieraRogers) is the one to follow!

Check out some of Ciera’s styling work below! But before I go, I had to ask this hot chick to share her top 3 styling tips on how to be super stylish! Here they are:

1. Layer, layer, layer!
2. Combine vintage and modern pieces
3. Confidence is a must! 

Thanks Ciera!

Don’t forget to shop her online store for unique re-worked vintage pieces and the hottest finds in LA!