What the “Kiss Of Death” Really Means

As a makeup artist, it’s important to not only be skilled in makeup artistry but also to know your makeup history. 

You’ve heard the phrase “Kiss of Death” right? It’s one of those lines we use often but we have no idea where it originated or what it really means. Well here’s a random fun fact you can share with your friends!

The phrase “Kiss of Death” was coined because of the harmful mixture of fucusalgin, iodine, and bromine mannite that Egyptian women used to create lipstick. Highly toxic, the mixture often lead to serious illness and sometimes death. 

Now go spit some random knowledge on someone today! 

Fun Makeup Fact!

Eye Makeup: Pre-4000 B.C., Egypt

"The ancient Egyptians, by 4000 B.C., had already zeroed in on the eye as the chief focus for facial makeup. The preferred green eye shadow was made from powdered malachite, a green copper ore, and applied heavily to both upper and lower eyelids. Outlining the eyes and darkening the lashes and eyebrows were achieved with a black paste called kohl, made from powdered antimony, burnt almonds, black oxide of copper, and brown clay ocher. The paste was stored in small alabaster pots and, moistened by saliva, was applied with ivory, wood, or metal sticks, not unlike a modern eyebrow pencil."