Thank You For 2012!

The hours are winding down until the new year and reflecting back on it, God has really blessed me. 2012 has been one of my most challenging years and I’ve gone through my share of failures that tried to set me back from pressing on. At the same time, I’ve achieved some amazing things that turned into the highlights of my year. One of the biggest, being selected for Allure Magazines Beauty Blogger of the Year contest! What a dream…and my dream is continuing to unfold! 

I want to thank all of my family, supporting friends, and most of all my readers and supporters of my blog McKenzie Renae … because (as cliche as this sounds), I couldn’t keep going without you. For my loves who have been with me since the beginning, to my newbies who stumbled up on le blog this week, I love you all and I appreciate you! 

Let’s continue to challenge ourselves in 2013 and push ourselves to make it happen! Just make it happen and go for it! Why not? The last thing any of us want is to look back and regret that we never even tried. Set some realistic goals for yourself this year and actually follow through with them! I posted my main resolution on Instagram (@McKenzie_Renae), because sometimes you have to grow some kahunas and just put yourself out there!

2013 should be a bigger, better, and improved you! Be an inspiration to someone! Everyone stay safe tonight, party hard, and have designated drivers for all my 21+ girlies! 

Say it to yourself … 2013 is my year! Don’t worry about everyone else, what is for you is FOR YOU!


McKenzie Renae

I Hope You Dress For Yourself …

First I would like to say, thank you @TenaciousLadyT for bringing this to attention :) 

Here is the picture she is referring to …

And here is her question…


I’ll keep this brief. I dress for myself and I think you ladies should too. To answer her question, yes I did wear the thigh highs out from under the dress and I love taking risks like this because it all works together when you do it in a classy way. My dress was long sleeved and pretty covered and it hit me right above the tights so in my opinion it didn’t come across as trashy … more edgy than anything. 

As far as what’s “acceptable” … rules were made to be broken. It has always confused me as to why people have the mentality of dressing for others who could care less anyway honestly. I always say dress in what makes you feel the most confident!

…and just have enough sense to know what’s appropriate for certain occasions and what isn’t. 

"Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress, is the woman who is wearing it." ~ Yves Saint Laurent

Let Me Share Something Personal With You…

I havn’t blogged in a little over a week and I apologize for this. Everyone comes to a point in their life where they become consumed in everything other than their passion. I’ve encountered writer’s block more than I care to mention, and when that happens I would rather say nothing at all than to give you a weak post for that day.

Now to the meat of this post …. I have nothing but faith in God as to where he decides to lead me in life. I’ve had my “dream job” and I’ve had to work in fields where I didn’t understand why I was there. It’s been an uphill battle, and I’m sure a lot of you can relate. 

After church this morning, I started to look through my notes taken at previous services. (Note taking was my favorite thing to do in school because I just love to write… so naturally I think I take pretty good notes lol.)

Each of the points I want to share with you today have given me hope, inspiration, major motivation, and have made my faith and relationship with God even stronger. 

1. You can’t have a “testimony” before you have a “test.”

2. Mediocrity is just the best of the worst and the worst of the best. To launch out into the deep, you must be willing to leave the safety of where you are.

3. Live for something greater than yourself and make an impact on others.

4. The reason what you have is all you have, is because that’s all you see yourself having! You have to believe and change your vision past/beyond where you are. Move beyond just having a vision, and walk by faith.

5. When you are aligned with God, he will bless you with things to see your way through the dark, while others stumble through.

6. Plan —> Pray —> Execute. (if you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.)

7. When you’re building something, you just need a few people who have your back. Not the whole in-crowd.

8. When God is working through and on you, don’t tell everyone your business. People will try to talk you out of God’s vision for you.

9. Stop accepting partial accomplishments! While you have the passion and the drive, finish it! The enemy doesn’t want you to finish, he will distract you!

10. You have to move from “seeing it” to “seizing it”. Opportunities are only seized by those who are prepared! 

So, my message to you is that whatever you want to do in life … go for it! Remember these things that I shared with you today. Don’t allow anyone to discourage you out of following your dreams. Sometimes the path to your dreams make sense and other times it can appear completely random. But I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason.

A good friend of mine shared this with me recently:

"Throughout your journey in life, instead of always being focused on the end result of your career and dreams, you need to learn how to fall in love with the process. Once you’ve fallen in love with the process and given everything you’ve got, your journey will be easier and more enjoyable. You will end up where you are supposed to end up." 

This is a positive way of looking at things! To end this post on something light, here’s a message I shared on my Instagram that helps me get through :)

Where you’re going is better than where you’ve been! Can I get an AMEN!? ;)

**UPDATE: I am overwhelmed at all of the texts, emails, tweets, and blog comments I have gotten after writing this post. It came from a very sincere and genuine place and I am grateful that God’s used me to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to follow their dreams and not give up!  Keep going loves!

Learn From The Boss: Thia Breen

I love reading tidbits here and there on how to advance your career and tips on being successful. One of my favorite magazines to read is Marie Claire and I love their “Careers Section” of the magazine.

I recently read an article on Thia Breen (Estée Lauder’s President of North America). She oversees $3.6 billion in sales, 6,500 employees, and 28 brands, including Clinique and MAC. In the article she shared the most important lessons learned from 30 years in the beauty business.

Here are some of the highlights I wanted to share with you :)

Breen’s top 5 get-ahead rules

1. Never judge the customer. Everybody is a potential sale.

2. Be fearless about setting goals.

3. Ask for what you want or need. Men do it all the time. (She tells woman all the time that they could be better at letting people know, "This is the path that I want to be on - tell me as I’m moving forward if I’m doing the right things.")

4. Assume you won’t have a mentor along the way. (Breen had people who gave her breaks, but never took her under their wing. She said, ”I don’t consider it a key force in someone’s career, and I don’t think it happens all that much. Consider yourself lucky if you have a mentor and thrive under that tutelage. In most cases, you’re not going to have it. You’re going to have to manage your career for yourself.”)

5. Do no underestimate the power of punctuality. 

Bobbi Brown’s 7 Tips For Success

Makeup Artist Bobbi Brown is a legend. I am a satisfied customer of Bobbi Brown cosmetics and happen to think they look great on virtually all skin tones. You don’t have to be an aspiring makeup artist to take something away from her 7 Tips For Success:

1. Tell the truth. Live your life with integrity and speak to people with integrity.

2. Always be nice. A smile is the best way to engage someone.

3. Follow your dreams and passions. Have a vision of where you want to see yourself and figure out a course to take you there.

4. Don’t take no for an answer. If one door closes, look for a back door or a side door.

5. Have long term goals and mini goals. Always have a plan and re-evaluate it regularly.

6. Strike a balance between the big picture and the details. Take moments to step back to clear and refocus your perspective.

7. When you feel good, you look good. So make smart food choices, exercise and drink water.