3 Dope Ways To Rock a Sweatshirt

I appreciate a woman who is talented at switching up her wardrobe with unexpected pieces and adding her own personal touch.

This post is dedicated to one of my favorite bloggers, Karla Deras, from Karla’s Closet (“hey girl!”). Her look and style is timeless and effortless but she still kills a trendy look whenever she deems necessary. 

As comfy as cold winter weather can make us feel, it doesn’t always have to mean being drab. Here’s to three fab comfy looks all rocked by Karla and a simple grey sweatshirt. 

Look 1: Toss on a chic fur, some sunnies, and heels.

Look 2: Keep the sunnies, and bring on a sexy pencil skirt and strappy sandals.

Look 3: Pair it with a bold lip, pattered jeans, and chic pointy toe pumps.

Karla, thanks for giving effortless winter style a new meaning :)

Now use this inspiration and make it your own ladies!

Dope Blogs & Blogluvin

Ok I’ve gotten quite a few questions lately asking what some of my personal favorite blog sites are.


I use this really cool site called Blogluvin to keep track of all of my favorite blogs! If you havn’t heard of it before, it’s a really dope blog site that lets you look up your fav bloggers and organize their blogs in separate categories (whatever you decide to name them!). You can scroll down the news feed and see which bloggers posted something new for the day. This site makes it so much easier to keep track of everything. I’m on there too … just click the photo to the left and follow me to make it easier to check my blog daily :) 

I can’t list them all, but here are some of my favorite blogs that I check daily (in no particular order):

* Karla’s Closet
* The Sartorialist 
* Style Pantry
* I Am Jennifer Le
* Cupcakes and Cashmere 
* I Am Necole
* Into The Gloss

Sharing is caring :) What are some of your favorite blogs?