Wel-Kim To My World & Exclusive Target Collection

I realized I’ve been posting about nails and nail polish a lot lately. Do you change your nail polish color every week like I do? lol

Nail polish collections are released in what seems like every week, and I have a couple more to add to your list to check out!

Nicole by OPI “Wel-Kim To My World” Collection

Are we really surprised Kim K. came out with her own polish line to go with the “Kardashian Kolor’s”? This time she wanted to represent the signature shades she’s always caught out wearing, consisting of pale pink, white, nude and more. 

(left to right: Nothing Kim-Pares To Blue, Up & Kim-ing Pink, Kim Konfidential, Others Pale by Kim-Parison, Lights Kim-Era Action!, Here Kim’s The Sun)

I havn’t had a chance to try on all of the shades, but I am currently wearing “Other’s Pale by Kim-Parison” with “Lights, Kim-era, Action!” layered on top. It’s a subtle but pretty shade to wear with a special iridescent glow ;)

**All of the Wel-Kim to My World shades are available at CVS, Sears, & Ulta for $7.99 each.

Exclusive Target Spring Shades

Target just got fancy and introduced a new string of spring shades to sport on your talons ;) You can’t go too wrong with classics reds, pinks and a jazzy purple to throw it off a little right? Check them out below.

(Left to right: That’s Totally Red-ical, Great Minds Pink Alike, Purple Yourself Together, & Look at me look at me)

**The Target shades are available now for $7.04 each. 

So what do you guys think about these collections? Are you impressed?

Product Review: New York City Ballet by OPI

I’m a sucker for bold nail colors, but sometimes it’s necessary to tone things down a bit. The new "New York City Ballet by OPI" collection features five sheer softshade colors and an additional sparkly lacquer. Hey, if you’re not a ballerina, this collection is also great to wear for a wedding, a job interview and strict dress code environments. 

( (L to R) “Barre My Soul”, “You Callin’ Me A Lyre?”, “Care to Danse?” ) 

( (L to R) “Pirouette My Whistle”, “My Pointe Exactly”, “Don’t Touch My Tutu!” )

Here is what the collection looks like on me below. I applied 3 coats of polish so the colors wouldn’t look so sheer. The grey shade on my pinky (“My Pointe Exactly”) has the most pigment.

(L to R): Care to Danse?, You Callin’ Me A Lyre?, Barre My Soul, Don’t Touch My Tutu!, My Pointe Exactly

Closer view

"Pirouette My Whistle" over "Care To Danse?"

What do you think about the collection?

Blue Ivy Inspiration: China Glaze “Frostbite”

Everyone should remember this fabulous photo of Beyonce post pregnancy:

What instantly drew me to this photo, were her sexy, electric blue nails in tribute to her baby girl Blue Ivy.

Her manicurist used a gorgeous cobalt blue color using Nails Inc. London polish in “Baker Street” ($9.50 each). 

I’ve been hunting for this color for a while and found a great alternative brand below :)

China Glaze nail lacquer in “Frostbite” ($7 each)

I love the color! It looks great on fingers and toes (keep those pedicures up ladies) :) In Beyonce’s photo the color looks a little more electric, but I’m happy with the way the China Glaze color turned out. The hunt is finally over lol.

**China Glaze nail polish is available for purchase at beauty supply stores like Sally’s Beauty supply and Ulta (<— I found mine there).

In The Nude: Top 5 Nude Nail Polishes

(left to right: Essie “Brooch the Subject”, Sally Hansen #240 “Choco-Latte”, OPI “Step Right Up”, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri #04 “Petal Pusher”, and OPI “Makes Men Blush”)

As a lover of anything dealing with nails and nailpolish … I thought it would only be right to help you ladies choose the right shade of nude for the Spring. Whether you work in a conservative/corporate environment or you just want to rock something soft and subtle, there’s a shade of nude out there for everyone. 

It took me quite some time to find the right shade, but a few years later lol, I have 2 top favorites, and 3 more great shades that follow :)

Essie “Brooch the Subject” $8 (my favorite)

This is my favorite nude shade because it’s opaque and still shows up like a rich color. Even though I’m going for a nude look, I don’t always want sheer. I bought it from Target about a month back.

Sally Hansen “Choco-Latte” $6

The Sally Hansen collection has honestly taken me by surprise. The Choco-Latte shade not only had a lot of pigment, but also had pretty peach undertones. Another great, affordable find.

OPI “Step Right Up” $8.50

This OPI shade leaned more towards a pale ballerina pink. I have on two coats below (which was a little streaky), but three would give you more of an opaque shade if you desire more pigment.

Sally Hansen “Petal Pusher” $4

This Sally Hansen color is from their Insta-Dri line. The major difference with these polishes is that it includes a wide polish brush that’s meant to make it easier to polish your nails in fewer brush strokes, without it looking streaky. Two coats gave me a little more of a sheer finish.

OPI “Makes Men Blush” $8.50

Finally this OPI shade in “Makes Men Blush” (which is such a cute name!) is a color I would wear if I were in a rush and needed a nice, sheer nude polish on my nails. It won’t give you an opaque finish, but on nicely manicured nails, still looks polished & feminine. 

Which nude shade do you like best? Do you have any other recommendations for nude polishes you fell in love with?