Threads of the Day: Plain Jane

Some of my best dressed days are the days where I just “throw something on”. Those days are when I feel most comfortable, confident, and just … myself. Today was one of those days. 

There’s power in style. Look past the brand, how much it cost, where you got it from … if you have style and know how to put an outfit together, you can feel powerful in whatever you wear. 

My kryptonite in a sense are these white “Ked-like” sneakers. I wear them almost everyday lol. They go with everything! The perfect summer staple paired perfectly with jeans, cut off shorts, dresses, skirts, leggings, you name it. Yes, my only gripe is that they get dirty super fast, but lucky for me, the 2 for $30 sneaker deal at Urban Outfitters has me covered ;)

Now I love a great pair of vintage high waisted jeans, or “mom jeans”, as some would call them. I put my skills to work and added a little distressing in just the right places. Remember ladies, you can still be sexy and remain classy at the same time. Sexy doesn’t have to mean “show it all to everyone.” In the near future, I’ll pair these with some strappy sandals and a bustier top for a different approach for a night on the town!

Thread List:

Top: No Style
Jeans: Renae Cut Offs
Sneakers: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Nasty Gal 

What’s your go-to look that just works every time you “throw it on”?

Fresh Look Celebrity Spotlight: Miley Cyrus

I love a good celebrity transformation!! And Miley Cyrus is giving me SO MUCH LIFE!!! She’s quickly on the rise to becoming one of my favorite style icons. I just love how raw and edgy she is … a very “I don’t give a f*@$” kind of attitude. 

First and foremost, I think one of the most heartfelt moments involved with her new look, was her initiative in cutting her hair in the first place. She chopped off her signature long locks over a year ago and donated her strands to a cancer charity. Go Miley! 


But let’s transition to Miley’s new style shall we? These are the two pictures that started it all for me…


The chic red jumper, the tough leather jacket, and hip hugging leather boyfriend shorts paired with sexy strappy sandals … I just can’t take it! lol She’s definitely ditched her Disney Hannah Montana image, which I think is great because she’s finally embracing her womanhood. Those cute, teenage days are over! 

Here are four things I’ve learned from Miley as her style has been progressing:

1. She loves a classic black frock (a given).
2. She’s got that gym routine down because her stomach and those legs are toned like I don’t know what!
3. Her signature makeup routine goes one of three ways; fresh faced, a sexy smokey eye, or a statement red lip. All great choices ;)
4. She’s mastered the skill of bringing just enough sex appeal while still leaving something to our imagination! Unfortunately not everyone knows how to do that. 

Check out some more of my favorite Miley Cyrus fashion moments!


Short hair seriously has the power to just make you feel sassy, sexy, and confident! 

What do you think about Miley’s new look?  Which look would you love to recreate? 

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Threads of the Day: Not So Candid Renae Cut Offs


Sometimes life requires you to push it to the limit.  That’s been my approach to a lot of things lately: when getting dressed every morning, picking up a new skill, and even making major career decisions. Just go for it! 

But taking it back to the closet, it can be fun to push yourself to the limit! In my opinion it’s all about strategy and class. Pick an asset you want to focus on and keep the rest subtle. I chose my legs by rocking a pair of short, distressed Renae Cut Offs and over-the-knee socks. By focusing on my legs, I stayed bundled up on top and kept things simple on my feet.

Thread List:

-Shorts: Renae Cut Offs
-Gold leaf necklace:K’La Boutique
-Silver spike necklace: Forever 21 
- “The Truth” necklace: Melody Ehsani
-Tiger ring: Forever 21
-Gold metallic belt: Zara
-Sweater: H&M
-Boots: Steve Madden
-Over-the-knee socks: random store 


I was inspired by a street style photo I saw where a girl stacked three different necklaces on making it look like one big statement piece. I loved the idea and gave it a shot with my own little twist! What do you think? Success lol?

As far as my makeup goes, I decided to go with something neutral. Clean face, bronze skin, and a nude lip. Here are some of my favorites I’ve been wearing lately!

-YSL Faux Cils Mascara
-Sonia Kashuk bronzer in Goddess (40)
-Rimmel London Moisture Renew lipstick in “Nude Delight” (642).
-Dolce & Gabbana lipgloss in “Innocence” 
-OPI nail polish in “Khloe Had A Little Lam Lam” (not pictured) 

Can’t exit the scene without my rockstar impression! lol I hope everyone is having a great week! 

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." ~Rachel Zoe

Threads of the Day: All Black Almost Everything


I’ve been on chill mode extra heavy lately … mostly due to this cold weather and just wanting to stay warm. I went out for hot chocolate and desert with a friend the other day and took a few quick snaps of my outfit.

Simple, black, with a pop of leopard…

Thread List:

Forever 21 Varsity Jacket
H&M men’s beanie
Madewell jeans I cut at the knee
Steve Madden motorcycle boots (good ol faithfuls)
Zara leopard scarf
Forever 21 tiger ring 
NARS Dragon Girl matte lip pencil


This jacket was such a lucky find! There were only like three left and one just happened to be my size … it was meant to be. I love the leather sleeves and pocket detailing. I’ve worn this in a casual way like pictured and also dressed up (future post to show you that one).

This day was a bad hair day lol. So the easiest method was to throw a beanie on the back of my head, poof the front a little and rock out. Dont you just love carefree days?



Usually I love to pile on the jewely. But I decided to go sans earrings and just rock a statement ring. 


Oh, and the desert and hot chocolate were ahhmaaazzziiinnngg :)





Threads of the Day: Panels, Crosses, & Gaudy Jewelry

When you don’t have your camera with you … there’s always Instagram :) This was actually a look from this past Saturday while just running errands on a beautiful day in the A. I wanted to wear something comfortable but still cute for an easy transition from day wear to cocktails with my girlfriend.

Who said you can’t be cute on a budget?

What I’m wearing:

Topshop wedge sneakers
H&M army green jacket
Forever21 black cross t-shirt
H&M black panel leggings
Urban Outfitters tortoise shell framed glasses

Aaannndd a closer look at the accessories … my favorite Michael Kors watch, and 2 costume rings I picked up at a boutique here in Atlanta. You can’t see that well from the view in this picture, but it’s an elephant on my index finger … hehe it’s the details that matter!

My inner kitten came out to play later on that night. Here’s a glimpse of what I wore to dance the night away :)

Decided on a blow out and vampy lip for the evening …

(White cut out dress: Topshop , Lace thigh highs: can’t remember , Sam Edelman vixen boots (not pictured). ) 

And I can’t forget to leave home without my Gucci Premiere fragrance. Such a sexy scent!

 What do you have planned for this weekend?