Inside Scoop: Pics of Phillip Lim For Target Bags & Totes


Phillip Lim is one of my favorite designers. So naturally when I first heard word of the Phillip Lim for Target collection, I lost a little piece of my mind. 

Remember the highly coveted Pashli bag from the 3.1 collection everyone went nuts for last Fall? Well guess what, the Target collection will give those of us who don’t have $850 bag budgets a taste of what Phillip Lim has to offer in the fashion world … for a fraction of the price!

While the prices of all of the bags aren’t available yet, they are said to range from $35-$55 each. Compare that to the $550-$1300 range of his main designer handbag collection. Serious steal right?

Get an inside look below of every tote, bag, and satchel from the Philip Lim for Target collection to be launched in stores September 15th.

Tote Bag: $55


Tote Bag: $55 (One of my favs!)


Mini Satchel: $35 (Another fav!)


Bag from the collection: Price not listed


Another bag from the collection: Price not listed (love this one too!)


Drawstring Carry-All Bag: $50 

Pack-It-All-In Bag: $35 (great for travel)

Valise Bag: $45 (Another great option for light travel)

I am REALLY looking forward to this collection! Not only are they reasonably priced, but from the look of the photos alone they look like decent quality. The colors are perfect for Fall and Winter and the mini yellow satchel can carry you right on over to Spring! 

For a look at the whole collection, click here

Which bag is your favorite? 

**Photos courtesy of Target

Target Done Brewed Up A Beauty Box

Good lawd! There’s a subscription box for everyone, everything, and at every price point nowadays! Guess who joined the club? Tarjay hehe (anyone else say it like that?).

Spied over on the Target Facebook fan page, they released news of their first edition “Beauty Box by Target”. 

Try on and try out some of our beauty faves. The Beauty Box by Target boasts beauty, skin care and nail care brands you already know, and a few that may be completely new to you. Shipping is included, plus each order includes a special offer to keep you looking fab while staying on budget. Orders ship in 4–6 weeks.

But wait for it …. guess how much this subscription service will cost you?

::drumroll:: … $5!!! 

Now, personally I’m on a beauty/hair box overload and as much as I love me some Tarjay…I doubt I’ll be signing up for a box. While this is the best deal I’ve seen so far on subscription boxes, they probably should have done this when the whole beauty box deal first bloomed on the scene. Buuuttt I do peruse the makeup aisles often so maybe I’ll sign up for a just a month…stop judging me.

Hey, who knows. We all fall victim of entering target with the intention of just picking up some toothpaste, and leave with a new shirt, a coffee pot, and big screen TV lol. Maybe you’ll end up signing up for a box on your way out (Mother’s Day gift anyone?). For those who are interested, click here and order your little hearts out :)

So, who’s jumping on the Target beauty box bandwagon? Are you over the whole beauty box services yet?

Essie Introduces New Line of Nail Wraps

Nail wraps … we’ve seen them line the shelves of drugstores nationwide and now Essie is trying to get a piece of the pie!

Essie has recently released their own set of “Sleek Stick” Nail Wraps in stores now. The 12 designs created by Essie Founder & Creative Director, Essie Weingarten, were inspired by the fashions seen on catwalks in New York and Milan. 

(colors from L to R, top to bottom: Over the Moon, Oh My Gold!, A to Zebra, Sneek-E, Glam It On, Don’t Cheetah On Me, Croc ‘N Chic, Steel the Show, Embrace the Lace, Stickers and Stones, Love to Love You, So Haute!)

I am loving the animal print patterns (especially the croc & snake) as well as the purple decal with the faux diamonds lining the side. 

I’ve seen nail decals that would be perfect for photo shoots or special occasions only (but how man of those are we going to?). These Essie wraps seem a little more muted and realistic to go with your everyday outfits and still last through the weekend.

At $10.25 each ($9.99 at ), each kit comes with an 18 nail applique strip, 1 cuticle strip, 1 nail file, a buffer and a sheet of instructions. 

How do you feel about nail wraps? Are you on board or totally over this trend?

Quick Beauty Tip

Any of you ladies suffer from irritation after getting your brows waxed, threaded, plucked or razored? Well I do, and there’s one item I always bring along with me that helps soothe my brows after getting them freshly threaded. What’s the item you ask? 

Aloe vera gel.

It calms down any redness, irritation, and itching with the sensitive skin around my brows. I apply it immediately after getting my brows done, and everyday following at night and in the morning for about a week. You can purchase mini size bottles for easy travel at places like Walgreens and Target.

Happy brow shaping :)

Wel-Kim To My World & Exclusive Target Collection

I realized I’ve been posting about nails and nail polish a lot lately. Do you change your nail polish color every week like I do? lol

Nail polish collections are released in what seems like every week, and I have a couple more to add to your list to check out!

Nicole by OPI “Wel-Kim To My World” Collection

Are we really surprised Kim K. came out with her own polish line to go with the “Kardashian Kolor’s”? This time she wanted to represent the signature shades she’s always caught out wearing, consisting of pale pink, white, nude and more. 

(left to right: Nothing Kim-Pares To Blue, Up & Kim-ing Pink, Kim Konfidential, Others Pale by Kim-Parison, Lights Kim-Era Action!, Here Kim’s The Sun)

I havn’t had a chance to try on all of the shades, but I am currently wearing “Other’s Pale by Kim-Parison” with “Lights, Kim-era, Action!” layered on top. It’s a subtle but pretty shade to wear with a special iridescent glow ;)

**All of the Wel-Kim to My World shades are available at CVS, Sears, & Ulta for $7.99 each.

Exclusive Target Spring Shades

Target just got fancy and introduced a new string of spring shades to sport on your talons ;) You can’t go too wrong with classics reds, pinks and a jazzy purple to throw it off a little right? Check them out below.

(Left to right: That’s Totally Red-ical, Great Minds Pink Alike, Purple Yourself Together, & Look at me look at me)

**The Target shades are available now for $7.04 each. 

So what do you guys think about these collections? Are you impressed?

Dear: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Lovers,

Maybelline has gone bigger and better with their new Great Lash BIG Mascara! The popular pink and green tube that has been a favorite and classic choice to many for years is available for $3.99 in stores such as Target, Walgreen’s, etc.  The new and improved mascara comes with an over sized brush that gives your peepers incredibly lush lashes ;) *wink*

                                     Maybelline Great Lash Big Mascara