Victoria’s Secret NEW collection…ssshhhh!

Last night I attended a private event at Victoria’s Secret debuting their new limited edition Noir Love Me Fragrance and their VS Attractions body care collection! I had such a great time and set up was so cute! Delicious food…a little champagne…and plenty of giggling and girl talk! lol  The Noir Love Me Fragrance smells absolutely lovely with sweet floral notes yet a creamy vanilla musk scent as well. The bottle itself is ADORABLE!

The best part was my goodie bag I received…my own Noir fragrance, the lacy Love Balconet bra & matching undies, & samples of the new body care collection! I’m a happy girl! 

**Available in stores February to June 2011 exclusively at VS stores &**

Lace Balconet Bra: $52 ($55 for prints)

Noir Love Me Eau de Parfum: $49

Me testing out the new Noir fragrance!

Noir Love Me Eau de Parfum

Love Balconet Bra

New VS Attractions Body Care Collection